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California B - General Contractor #645576

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California Corporation

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JLC Associates, Inc. maintains higher than average limits of insurance with highly rated insurance carriers.

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Corporate Business Interiors

JLC Associates, Inc. (JLC) is a full service Commercial General Contractor specializing in Tenant Improvement construction. JLC is based in Costa Mesa, California and serves all of the greater Southern California area.

JLC has completed a wide array of projects for a diverse Client base in Los Angeles, Ventura, Orange, Riverside, San Diego and San Bernardino Counties.

JLC, founded by Jeff Cadieux in 1996, has realized steady growth throughout its history. This growth is based on the development of strong relationships with repeat Clients who require reliable consistent performance from their General Contractor with fair pricing, on time completion and the confidence that their builder will be on board for the long term. JLC relies on referrals from existing Clients for most work.

The Company philosophy is to demonstrate to Clients that their project will be completed with a 'can do' mentality by Project Teams who do not include the word 'fail' in their vocabularies. This philosophy leads Clients to freely and regularly recommend JLC to others.

Communications within the JLC organization also enhance Client relationships through Team spirit. Ownership of responsibility reigns throughout the firm. Regular Staff meetings lend to continued development of higher quality means and methods, the best and most well suited Subcontractor Team for each project and leadership qualities unrivaled in the industry.


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JLC provides a full range of General Contracting and Construction Management services including accurate budget and conceptual pricing formulation, value engineering, detailed preliminary and course of construction Critical Path Method (CPM) scheduling, final pricing, complete construction close out documentation including As-Built drawings in hard copy and CAD format, equipment Operations and Maintenance Manuals, Subcontractor Team Roster, Warranties, etc.

Taking the leadership roll JLC's Principal, Project Managers and Superintendents put into place practices that assure the successful, on time, in budget, high quality completion on each and every project. Our Teams have the ability, based on years of experience, to foresee most challenges and resolve them prior to them impacting cost, quality or schedule.

Principal Biography

Jeffrey L. Cadieux, the son of a Marine Corps Colonel, was raised with honesty, discipline, and responsibility. Those attributes molded Jeff into a strong leader which enabled him to build a business unrivaled by most. Jeff attended college at The University of Washington, and UC Santa Barbara where he obtained a degree in Business Economics in 1982. After college Jeff worked as a painter, plumber, superintendent and project manager for various companies before establishing JLC Associates, Inc. in January of 1996. Jeff's business strategy is to provide outstanding service and knowledge that enhances long term relationships with an extensive and varied client base.

Our Team

JLC Associates, Inc. is a Company built on consistently strong performance. Our entire staff, including Project Managers, Superintendents and Office Staff, make it their responsibility to constantly improve and innovate by taking ownership of their areas of responsibility. All employees are in for the long term and take pride in their work.

The Project Management group has an immense and diversified background spanning disciplines in property management, construction management, project management and field work. Our field staff's over 100 years of project experience, enables them to control and efficiently manage schedules, productivity and quality on all types of job sites. The clerical and administrative staff have systems in place that allow them to accurately and efficiently process insurance, accounting and project paperwork.

Continuity amongst all employees is maintained with regular Staff meetings and constant communication which lends to an atmosphere of camaraderie and teamwork.

Capabilities and Services

General Contracting Services

JLC Associates is a full service General Contractor providing Clients with professional Project Managers, Superintendents and Office Support. JLC Associates has the ability to mold to any size project, large, medium or small, with Project Teams having the skill sets needed to achieve success. The fact that ninety percent of our business is either through referral or with repeat Clients demonstrates that success. JLC Associates does not 'self perform' any work. Not doing so maintains an extremely low overhead burden and very competitive insurance rates — savings that we are able to pass along to our Clients.

Construction Management Services

In most cases Clients need a trusted reliable entity to steer the project gaining assurances that all Team Members are on board for a successful completion. JLC Associates can provide project delivery as Construction Managers (CM) or Construction Managers at risk (CM at risk). Involving JLC Associates as CM or CM at risk will lead to a more manageable project guaranteeing higher quality with less cost and a minimized schedule. JLC Associates input during pre-construction providing Program Scheduling, budgets, value engineering and constructability reviews will add value to the project for a minimal cost.

Due Diligence Services

The purpose of Due Diligence studies is to provide a potential buyer or tenant of a particular building with information about the building's conditions and how those conditions may affect value, occupancy, schedule, constructability, etc. JLC Associates' extensive experience enables us to provide Due Diligence Services to assess all of these components and other aspects that can prove to add to or detract from the suitability of the building for the intended use.

Key parts of a study typically include observations to access interior, exterior and site conditions, a review of available construction documents for the purposes of evaluating the original design, architectural, civil and other values and mechanical, electrical and fire/life safety systems, Building Code, ADA and Zoning compliance, consideration of service life of major components such as elevators/escalators, air conditioning units, cooling towers, main electrical panels/breakers, buss duct, roofing, review of Public Records as relates to Zoning, Planning, Fire Department access, etc.

All evaluations can be 'real time' or through a five or ten year projection. Our reporting includes but is not limited to a complete listing of issues in all categories, implications relating to those issues and estimates of costs to remediate, repair, upgrade or replace construction that is at issue. Due Diligence studies sometimes prevent a sale or a lease from being executed due to discoveries made during the study. Usually this occurs at the benefit of the proposed buyer or proposed tenant.

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